Why do we always have to dress with the same dress style?

Fashion must be fun, a game where we can express part of what we are. I’ve never understood why are we supposed to wear the same style of clothes in all our outfit. How difficult and boring it is to me to be a puritan, just using just one style! It’s possible that those who have a very strict view of what they like to wear won’t be interested in this post. However, I’m writing to the rest of us, to those men who see gems in each and every one of the “urban fashion ghettos” and they don’t want to miss the fun.

I’m introducing my “trick” to you:

I’ve always used it in my private life and I have taken it into our shops to give them a unique personality. It’s about mixing and mixing again. Why can’t we match details of streetwear style (super trendy now) with the most elegant and formal style? When we start questioning things, we really start to play MF Mathematics.


It’s about and adding and subtracting game. Don’t worry! You won’t need your calculator, you can leave your cell phones alone. We only need to learn a very simple table, divided into five sections. We have to choose one item form each section to create our outfit. As you can see, each item has a different value, +1 for the most formal ones and -1 for the informal ones. If you have any doubts you can click on the item and you’ll see what we are talking about


COAT :+1                 SHIRT: +1               TROUSERS: +1           SHOES : +1         BRIEFCASE: +1

BOMBER : -1               TRICOT : +1                 JEANS : -1             MOCASSIN : +1   BACKPACK: -1

PARKA : -1               SWEATSHIRT : -1         CARGO PANT : -1       SNEAKERS : -1       BELT BAG: -1

BLAZER : +1       T-SHIRT : -1                 BERMUDA SHORTS : -1       BOOTS : -1           CAP : -1


Choose one option from each column, sum up… and if the result is 5 positive or 5 negative you’ll be creating an outfit very closed, without any influences from other styles. It’s about getting a result of +1 or -1 to obtain an outfit both equilibrated and a unique personality. Here you have some examples


Because you style reflects your personality and this was forged through the different experiences and influences you’ve lived. Create and define your style with the different options that fashion gives you. LET’S PLAY!

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