¿Qué es MARFRANC lifestyle?

Let’s start from the beginning, what do we mean by lifestyle? This concept that we all like and hear all the time refers to the way we live our life. In our case, we will share with you our opinions, hobbies… and the way we understand life.

Then, someone who follows MarFranc lifestyle is defined as a passionate person about the latest fashion trends; in love with the place they live, in our case the beaches of Costa Brava; and that person who would never miss the chance to take out their surfboard to catch the waves. At the same time, someone who has a high level of compromise with their environment and who loves hanging around with friends.

This new space was opened in July 2018, it has all these brands: Adidas Originals, Champion, DEUS ex machina, Edmmond Studios, Nudie Jeans, Rains… supported by a selection of sustainable brands such as ECOALF and Save the Duck. At the same time, you can also hang around with friends sipping one of our natural fruit juices and having some of our proximity products in the terrace of our Garden.

Here you have some of our men and women outfits so you can have an idea of what MarFranc syle is.

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