We are starting today a new phase in MarFranc. This first post is the starting signal of MARFRANC NOW. Could this be one more blog about healthy food? Well… nothing could be further from the truth. Maybe we are talking about a blog which will delight us with the wonders of Costa Brava? Or about the charming Cerdanya? Could it be about fashion? Or sustainable trends? We’re getting warmer here!!! We’re very close to what this blog is about!

Here we are! We want to express everything that MarFranc means nowadays. Show you the last trends in man and woman fashion, international designers limited editions, season advices… We understand that the love and passion for fashion is linked to healthy eating habits. That’s why we’re going to post different blogs with natural juices recipes, local products, tea and many more things you can find in our Garden.

We are totally in love with Costa Brava, our home, and with La Cerdanya, our origins. In this blog we won’t forget about the lovely environment where we live, with all of you, and at the same time try to reinforce the meaning of the word sustainability.

So, this blog pretends to boost ourselves, better our environment and, as a consequence, enjoy more all the things we love.

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