Last season we introduced to you, with great pleasure, the new collection of the German designer, and former Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld. I still remember the spark in the eyes of my female buyer colleagues. They were shinning, just as those of the child that sees the Christmas tree in the morning of the 25th of December. Six long months went by until we could display the items in our renovated store in Platja D’aro. Then it happened again, as if it was a déjà vu, that spark in the eyes of all the women that visited our maison during this last winter season.

Now, spring is here and with it the new collections. And this new season represents all that Karl Lagerfeld is: timelessness, irony, sophistication and style. A selection of high quality clothes and accessories with the super funny graphic elements picturing the designer wearing his characteristic look: sunglasses, leather gloves and a tuxedo jacket

Grit producte dona

Entonces… ¿Eso es todo?

NOOOOOOO! This season, besides the radiant women collection, we are proud to present the new Karl Lagerfeld Men Collection.

We’re sure you’ll absolutely love it!

Grit producte home

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